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Inspiring instructors to think like entrepreneurs and create income on their terms is the reason we exist. 
We are obsessed with increasing fitness instructors’ career options and deepening their business skills by getting more comfortable with business strategy, digital marketing, and social media.

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Nail down your business plan. Pinpoint your Brand. Rock Social Media. Find your Clients.


Tired of shelling out your hard-earned teaching money for CEU’s that don’t put money back in your pocket? Our monthly membership club delivers a new CEU course every month with loads of community and support to help you grow your income while enjoying your work.


Our one-on-one coaching can help you narrow in on your business plan, do market research, design your marketing strategy and so much more. The content and timeline is tailored just for you.

Hone Your Skills to Reimagine Opportunities.

Workshops that Inspire


There are so many ways to bring in additional revenue as a fitness instructor–but many of us get stuck trading dollars for hours in a group exercise setting with limited opportunity for growth. While teaching in person fitness classes makes a great base, diversifying your income potential with the right mix of revenue opportunities will help you take fitness from a hobby to a career. Find the perfect match for your needs, personality, schedule, and risk tolerance–from in-person to online.

Do it Your Own Way. But Don’t Do It Alone.

A full community of resources

If virtual class platforms, Instagram algorithms, and music licensing leave your mind spinning–you’re not alone. It’s a wide new fitness world out there, with as many ways of doing business as there are fitness instructors. Whether you struggle with putting yourself out there, or figuring out the tech side of things makes you want to pull your hair out, we’ve been there too! But after over 8 years each of building our fitness brands (both online and in person), as well as experiencing the good and the bad of corporate “big fitness,” we are happy to save you the headaches and heartaches we’ve encountered along the way. While the right knowledge can save you hours of time, frustration, and wasted expense, we believe that education is only half the battle. We all got into group fitness because we are inspired by connecting with others, and as fitpreneurs that’s no different. So when you join Fit Biz Club, expect to support your monthly training plans with a monthly Zoom Q&A call, members-only private What’s App group, and the absolute best business colleagues a group fitness professional could ask for. 

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Our Community

Sarah Houseman

“The Fit Biz Retreat Virtual Series was amazing! I was fortunate to attend every session live with Lauren and Mariah and walked away from each session with a brand-new tool kit in my pocket that I was able to start using immediately. The valuable information provided was relevant, tried and tested, and formatted specifically for the fitness professional. Lauren and Mariah presented beautiful, well put together materials and were available to answer each and every question that came their way. I can’t wait for the opportunity to attend the next Fit Biz Retreat because I am confident it will exceed my expectations once again!”

Lisa Reynolds

“Lauren and Mariah are leading the charge in the future of the fitness industry. These fitpreneurs have a gift for mentorship and have elevated many fitness professionals on their journey. For me, personally, they have served me in inspiring me with creative workout videos, technology and social media tips, and organizational strategies that have been life-saving to me as a full time fitness pro and hustler! Innovative, professional, and full of light, these women are world change agents in health and fitness!”

Erika Levy

“So many things have become clear since the FitBiz workshops with Lauren and Mariah. They are a wealth of information and resources! It takes time to process everything, but I was able to build a business plan in about a month. It required deep thinking about my business goals, creative thinking about content and a lot of courage to venture out into the virtual world. Lauren and Mariah map everything out so well that it’s like following the Yellow Brick Road for a virtual fitness business. Investing in this workshop was an investment in myself and worth every penny. Thanks, Ladies, for sharing your experience and wisdom!”

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