Doing the group fitness industry on your own terms doesn’t mean doing it alone.

Ah…the high’s and low’s of teaching group fitness for a living. One minute you’re riding high from the energy of a laughing, happy class or a student success story, and the next minute you’re feeling drained from working odd hours, pushing your body past what’s good for it, and all the “other” stuff you didn’t realize you were signing up for by trying to make a go of it with fitness.

Stuff like social media and booking software, mic’s, camera’s, and lights–not to mention trying to promote your offerings while terrified of sales and coming off too strong.

We’ve felt every one of those fears and frustrations over the past several years of being full-time in the fitness industry, and having both branched out to several entrepreneurial endeavors each. We’ve often wished we had a support system for figuring this stuff out from someone who’s actually in fitness. (Because fitness is surely a unicorn of an industry–not all general business advice out there applies.) Which is exactly why we created the Fit Biz Club.

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Whether you run your own studio, rent space by the hour in your community, have a virtual membership, or cater to other fitness professionals as a master trainer, continuing education provider, or program creator–we have precisely two wishes for you inside our membership…

#1: To save you HEADACHES

From how to automate your welcome email to which booking software to use, to honing your brand and understanding social media algorithms…you’re way too busy, and your dreams are already time-consuming enough, to waste hours in endless Google searches or flailing around trying to figure it out on your own.

#2: To save you HEARTACHES

Throwing everything you have into your dream can often leave you depleted–emotionally and even financially if you’re not careful. On a macro level, we’re here to help you hone in on the business model and sales strategies that will most likely end well–from a financial perspective AND a quality of life perspective. On a micro level, we’ll be there on those days when you need a boost and just want to talk to someone who’s been through it.

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Between the two of us, we’ve run the gamut of the fitness and wellness industries–from studio ownership to franchise management, from group exercise programs at large health clubs to virtual studios and online fitness programs, from wellness resort programming and yoga retreats with Deepak Chopra to creating national certification programs and presenting at major fitness conferences…we’ve learned it all the hard way and yet come out on the other side more in love with health and fitness than ever!

We want to pay it forward by being the support system for you that we wished we’d had all these years–because we believe that as fitness professionals we are stronger together!

The world is unhealthier than ever. And although at times the fitness industry feels like a crowded space, we collectively still have much more work to do to reach those who need us most.

We won’t rest until every group fitness professional who feels clueless or overwhelmed about what to do next has the tools and confidence they need to deploy their dreams.


After three years of working with over 500 group fitness instructors, studios, and educators through retreats, masterminds, CEU workshops, webinars, and private coaching–some common themes have emerged around how they’ve found the most success.

We’ve bundled up the best of those successes to rework how we deliver business education to fitness professionals into our new monthly membership.

At the beginning of each month a new training plan will be dropped into your account. Each training plan includes an on-demand video course broken down into several 10-20 minute lessons so you can spend the first two weeks of the month watching the lessons.

Your video course will be accompanied by a digital playbook that you can either print or save to your computer and will help you translate the concepts of the lesson into your specific game plan for your own fitness business or career.

Around the third week of every month, we’ll host a ZOOM live Q&A to help clarify any concepts you’re still fuzzy on or give advice on how to apply it to your specific situation. This will also be a great time to connect with your fellow group fitness professionals and see how they are using the information in their business!

The fourth week of the month is dedicated to giving you time to actually implement what we’ve been learning all month!

Meanwhile, our members-only private What’s App group will serve as your sounding board round the clock where you can get feedback from your colleagues, reach out when you need encouragement (or just to vent when the computer crashes and loses those three workouts you spent all morning filming), or to share best practices you find along the way.

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Every month you’ll receive the following:

On-demand video course
Digital playbook
Live Zoom Q&A call (questions can be submitted in advance for recording if you can’t make it live)
Access to a members-only private What’s App group


Every lesson is designed to stack on top of previous lessons in a methodical order. Each year we’ll use the same quarterly themes to bring structure to our curriculum:

Quarter 1: Systems That Scale
Quarter 2: Attracting New Clients: A Guide to Lead Generation in the Fitness Industry
Quarter 3: Boosting Your Bottom Line: Revenue Generation Techniques for Fitness Professionals
Quarter 4: The Art of Non-Salesy Sales: Techniques for Building Trust and Closing Deals

For 2024, that gets broken down as follows:
January 2024: Take Yourself Through a Personal Planning Retreat

February 2024: The Fit Pro’s Complete Guide to Filming Workout Videos March

2024: Making Your Mark in a Crowded Space: Building Your Personal Brand

April 2024: The Power of YouTube to Grow Your Brand and Income

May 2024: Perfect Partnerships for Faster Growth

June 2024: Making Instagram Work for You in 2024

July 2024:  Challenge Accepted–Executing the Perfect Paid Challenge

August 2024: Passion and Profit: Selling Successful Events and Retreats

September 2024: Upgrade Your Earnings with Teacher Trainings

October 2024: Nailing Your Sales Page for Higher Conversion

November 2024: Automating Emails for Sales While You Sleep

December 2024: Crafting Compelling Offers

Let's Do This!


Do I need to have my own business already?

No. Our curriculum is designed to guide those considering additional income streams as an entrepreneur, as well as studio owners (virtual or in-person), educators and small fitness brands. Most of our lessons will be taught from the lens of entrepreneurship; however, we believe that all fitness instructors should approach their teaching jobs with a strategic view since we often find ourselves managing multiple gigs in the industry.

I have a brick and mortar studio. Will this help me?

Yes! We have each owned and managed studios and have had the opportunity to learn brick and mortar best practices from major industry players. Our love is translating what works about “big fitness” and blending it with the passion and personality of a small independent brand.

How long will I have access to the monthly video courses?

You have 60 days to watch, catch up, or review each month’s modules. This is an effort to give you a little extra time for those months that get away from you, while still providing a bit of accountability by making the lessons time-sensitive so you actually complete them! Doing your best to stay on top of the lessons most months will also ensure you get the most out of the additional monthly resources such as the Zoom Q&A call and assignments.

What times are the Zoom’s?

All of the educational content will be prerecorded and sectioned into smaller lessons that you can watch at your convenience during the month. You are encouraged to complete the lessons by the middle of the month so that you can get the most of the Zoom Q&A call in the third week.
Can't make it live? you will have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time for us to address and Zoom’s will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

I'm in!

Still Trying to Decide? The Fit Biz Club Membership Is For You If Any of These Sound Familiar…

Teaching fitness lights you up, BUT there are parts of it that feel draining, annoying, or unprofitable
You’re tired of driving all over the place and giving up prime time with your family in order to do what you love
You wish you could contribute more financially
You’re your own boss in theory, but sometimes it feels like you work for your customers and can never get away
You WISH you were your own boss
A million ideas are bouncing around in your head but you can’t seem to pick one and move forward with it
You’re a classic overthinker when it comes to changing your schedule, taking on something new, or making a decision in your fitness career
You want to keep up with the changing times but don’t have a clue about Instagram algorithms, video editing, payment processing platforms, or how to put together a promotion
You know that what you offer can help change people’s lives, but you’re uncomfortable putting yourself out there or promoting yourself
You’ve got visions of doing something big–a certification program, a podcast, a retreat–but you don’t know where to start or how and if it could make money
You’re doing your own thing teaching fitness but feeling scattered and lonely holds you back from reaching your full potential
You need accountability to push you towards growth as a fitness professional and as a person

Are you ready?